Friday, August 8, 2008

Today's the Day: Let the Games Begin!

Feast your eyes!

If you had ever told me when I got out of college that part of my job description as a horse-specialist journalist would include watch Chinese television, and (try to) read Chinese newspapers...I would never have believed you.

Is there anything in the "world" you would rather do for the next two weeks? Yes, the horse sports are exciting, but in the bigger picture, history is happening right in front of us, along with sports and culture!

I hope you will all stick with me for the next few weeks, and then on into the Paralympic Games' equestrian events, which will also be held in Hong Kong. But take my advice, and don't just stick to US sources of news on the Games. Wander around the web and read the reactions and interpretation from the press in other nations. Hopefully there will not be any big political stories, but even the way the Games are reported can tell you so much about the fact that the world is still a very, very big place...and we don't all think alike. 

But maybe we can all enjoy the sport of the Games, regardless of how we interpret them.

Let the Games begin! The opening ceremony will be on NBC (cable not needed) tonight!


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