Friday, August 8, 2008

Arena Screen May Be Daunting Object for Horses in Dressage

It's too hot to train outside, but Anky van Grunsven is doing it anyway. The Dutch diva of dressage writes home that she is pleased that her horse and the other Dutch dressage horses have not shied at the huge video screen. But she knows that it is important to get her horse accustomed to the thing.

"I.P.S Salinero did not look at all at the big screen," Anky writes enthusiastically to her fans. "The main arena is quite impressive, especially while the big screen is turned on but all Dutch horses were brave and trained very well."

Anky is no shrinking violet. Even in the face of a typhoon, she schooled outside last night, as the storm subsided. "I rode in the rain but I had a lot of space as the other riders trained inside!" Anky wrote.

The Dutch horses were among the first to arrive, and the other horses may still be getting used to the heat in Hong Kong. "Inside" means the huge indoor arena that is designed just for schooling and pre-event warmup. It is massive...and air-conditioned.

Misting stations have been set up around the stable area so the horses can cool off as needed.

Eventers will begin dressage competition in the big outdoor arena, with the screen, on Saturday.

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