Sunday, August 3, 2008

Netherlands: Orange-You-Glad About Anky?

You know, when I saw that music video for the German team, I immediately thought: Next week, just watch, dressage diva Anky van Grunsven will have a hip-hop song on MTV. So far, no performances from the Germans' archrivals in dressage and showjumping, the always-orange Dutch. But the Olympics has officially not even begun!

Anky did share this poster, which apparently is adorning walls all over Holland, as well as Salinero's empty stall at home in Erp, Holland. The Telegraaf is advertising that it has all the news from Beijing (and presumably, Hong Kong). "Hup, Salinero, Hup" parodies Anky speaking to her #1 grand prix mount, Salinero.

And the orange? Well...everything in Holland is orange, especially when the country's honor is at stake in international sporting events.

You can always pick the Dutch team supporters out of the crowd...they're orange!

Here's a little Dutch television news video of the US show jumping team in quarantine in Europe at the facility of Roel Koopmans. If you don't speak Dutch, just wait for Authentic and Beezie Madden to come on screen, or catch some glimpses of Laura Kraut's Cedric. Roel seems to be very entertained by his American guests; I hope he remembers that these women are defending the gold medal won by the US team at Athens in 2004!

The U.S. team will be traveling to Hong Kong to participate in the show jumping events that commence on August 15 and run to the end of the Games.

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