Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get to Know: Italian Eventer Vittoria Panizzon

Tall and handsome, Rock Model may have all four hooves on the ground, but his rider's head is often in the clouds.

And that's where it belongs!

Did you know that Italian Olympic team rider Vittoria Panizzon is a member of the Italian Air Force sport group, with the rank of First Aviator?

Vittoria, who won the Junior European Eventing Championship in 2000, has been going to college in England and, of course, speaks perfect English. She now has three horses in active training in England.

You can follow Vittoria's adventures via her blog. Apparently her horse did not weather the 24 hour trip from Aachen in Germany to Hong Kong well and she's concerned, but otherwise seems to think that Hong Kong is quite a grand place! She's not too wild about the Italian team's high-tech official team togs.

Click here to read Vittoria's blog. Note: it is hosted by horsehero.com, the hot new equestrian video site in England. Most of the site is by subscription but apparently anyone can read Vittoria's blog.

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