Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to Fran Jurga's "WorldRides" Blog we go!

Who's who at the Olympics Equestrian Games in Hong Kong? And who are they riding? And what are their stories?

The world’s best equestrians are packing their bags to head to Hong Kong for the 2008 Olympics Equestrian Games. In just 15 short days, all eyes in the equestrian world will be on the tiny island off the southern coast of China. Who are these riders from around the world?

Get to know the glorious winners...and the lovable losers...come with me behind the scenes and through the language barrier as I introduce you to new equestrian heroes and their horses!”

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Expect lots of photos, video and unusual news that you won't find anywhere else., thanks to the best technology the Internet can offer.

Don't expect to read much about the American riders in this blog, because has ace coverage of the US teams as well as direct reports from key riders and personnel. I will be introducing you to the Lusitano horse on the Australian dressage the dentist on the German eventing the Brazilian dressage the Welsh farrier...and to the people of Hong Kong who are welcoming the horse world to their island and making these games so special and unforgettable.

Here we Hong Kong!

--Fran Jurga

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