Thursday, August 7, 2008

FIT TO COMPETE? First Vet Inspection for Eventers in Hong Kong in a Few Hours!

The inspection begins at 16.00hrs (4:00 p.m.) local time in Hong Kong on Friday. That's means it will be happening before most of us in the USA are even up on Friday morning.

Let's hope they are all sound.

Horse are grouped for inspection by nation, and the order of go is as follows:

Belarus, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Czech Republic, Chile, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, USA, Australia, Ireland, China, Sweden, Japan, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil and France.

Briton Lucinda Fredericks will ride for Australia beside her husband, Clayton, who really is Australian. Lucinda (shown here) will ride her spectacularly athletic mare, Headley Brittanica. The couple lives in England. (Photo from

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