Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Hero of Horses: Orlov Trotter Balagur Goes from Circus, to the OLYMPICS!

If this horse could talk....(Photo from Reuters News Agency)

Someone, quick! Call Disney! Here's a horse worthy of their next animal film!

He was bred to be a trotter, but didn't make it as a racehorse. He's performed in the circus ring. He's been a police horse. But a dressage rider spotted him in a parade and thought he might make a good dressage prospect.

Meet Balagur, currently in fifth place in the individual dressage competition and within striking distance of a medal that he so richly deserves. Ridden by Russia's Alexandra Korelova, the pair were the early leaders in today's event.

Many people will be watching the finals on Tuesday just because of this horse.

The Russian dressage horse Balagur is the only Orlov Trotter in the Olympics. Orlov Trotters are usually thought of as carriage horses. They're not supposed to be in the Olympics.

Balagur and Alexandra were trained in Germany by George and Monica Theodorescu.

And this is his second Olympics!

Click here for an excellent background article on Balagur and the Orlov Trotter breed.

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