Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Target: Tomorrow!

Willeke assists defending gold medal holder Anky Van Grunsven as she schools alone in the dark. Anky's teammates have scored highly in today's competition, but The Diva and Salinero don't do their grand prix for the team dressage medal until tomorrow. The Dutch press is reporting the dressage scores frenetically, the country is on edge...and dressed in orange, of course. Will history repeat iself? Willeke hopes so. The groom has become elevated to a national celebrity's status back home. And it's legitimate: the young girl is responsible for an excitable and extremely fit equine athlete with all the potential in the world. Photo courtesy of Anky, whose media machine is amazing. I've never seen an athlete do such a great job of staying in touch with her fans. I think she wants my job!


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